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Aberdeen Liquidity Fund (Lux) Euro

Árfolyam (2017-8-18): 134 804,466707
-2,49 % egy év alatt

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Devizanem: EUR Kockázati szint: alacsony
Kategória: Pénzpiaci Ajánlott időtáv: 3 hónap
Alapkezelő: Aberdeen Hungary Alap vagyona: 0 Ft
Típusa: Földrajzi kiterjedtség: Globális
Indulás ideje: 1990-7-23 ISIN: LU0090865873

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-2,08 % -1,49 % -2,49 % -1,07 % 1,69 % - -2,54 %

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Szórás: 5,58 % Sharpe mutató: -0,46
Max. árfolyam veszteség: -16,98 % Ennyi idő alatt: 256 nap
Max. árfolyam nyereség: 69,91 % Ennyi idő alatt: 3984 nap


Folyó költségek / év: 0,13 %
Sikerdíj: Nincs

Alap leírása

To preserve capital and achieve a return by investing mostly in Euro priced money market instruments (which are like loans that last a year or less and pay a certain amount of interest). The Fund holds assets for the short term and aims to maintain a high credit rating, as defined by international agencies that provide such ratings. Investing in the Fund is likely to be lower risk than, for example, funds that invest in company shares, but is also likely to generate lower returns (which are not guaranteed). We use investment techniques to enhance the value of the Fund, including transactions that relate to the sale and repurchase of an asset over a short period of time. You can buy and sell shares in the Fund on any working day in Luxembourg, by 14:00 hours CET. Income from investments in the Fund will be rolled up into the value of your shares. Further information on the Fund’s investment objective and policy can be found in the Fund’s Prospectus.